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How to have a frugal but fun Easter!

Tomorrow is Easter and people are still buying things and getting everything ready. If you're low on cash and want to find ways to have a fun Easter, there are a few ways you can save money.

  • We tend to have chicken for Easter and a few times, we would buy it from Church's or KFC. Don't think that they have the best deals. Your local deli or supermarket deli usually has the best prices for the amount of chicken. At our local Walmart, you can get 16 pieces of chicken for only $13! If you want ham or turkey from the deli, see if you can haggle the price. 7 times out of 10 they'll try to give the best price they can. For frozen ham or turkey, compare stores price per pound.
  • Pre-packaged Easter baskets have gotten so expensive over the years. Instead of reaching for one your child has had their eye on, make your own and make it as close to the original as possible. You'll save money by buying the items individually. Also, you can swap out the candy for healthier alternatives.
  • Don't assume that pies and desserts are going to be too expensive. Many stores have great deals on pie. Our local HEB actually has many BOGO deals going on now thru tomorrow!
  • Make it from scratch if you can. If you have all the stuff to make a dish from scratch, do it. You'll save a lot of money per person.
  • Always compare prices against sizes. Is it cheaper to get the smaller boxes of mac & cheese than elbow noodles and Velveeta block cheese? (Yum!) Is the 2 for $2 really that great of a deal? 
  • Our family's new shopping rule: If we have a coupon and we will eat it, use the coupon! But if you don't really need it (Who needs 12 side-dishes?) and you know your family is NOT going to eat it in the near future, don't buy it. Use that money towards the kids.
Having a great Easter doesn't mean spending as much money as you would at Christmas. It just means being a little frugal so you can spend most of it on your children.

Do you save money at Easter or does anything go?

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  1. Making my own Easter baskets is such a money saver. And while it requires a bit more work, I think the end result is much nicer. It's all stuff that will be appreciated (well, maybe except for the new Easter outfit, but that's a family tradition!) and small amounts of favorite candy make both of us happier than a mountain of sugary junk.


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