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Sign Language Among Twins

Many people don't know this (especially if you're not a twin or don't have twins) but twin siblings have the power to create their own language. That's very evident with me and Twin. We could be talking together and people around us, sometimes even Mom, have no clue what we're talking about. But as we get older, Mom is starting to get the hang of how we talk so when we have a special secret that we don't want anyone to know about, we sign it!

A while back, I had a sore throat that was too painful for me to even speak. So Twin thought of a great way for the two of us to communicate: American Sign Language! While we didn't exactly get down a lot of actual words, we have mastered the alphabet. We have signed our way through birthdays, holidays, and even when we have something to say without other people "listening in".

I've also noticed that parents who do have twins are teaching them sign language at an early age, so they can communicate before they're able to speak. I find that fascinating mostly because that means that no matter where they are in life or even if they are unable to speak, they will always have a way of communicating their thoughts.

Would you teach your children American Sign Language? If you already have, how well did they take to it?


  1. Im not a twin, but I wish I knew sign language!

  2. How fun! This is a great chart and will play around with it with my son.

  3. LOVE this post! My hubby is a twin and even though he says he doesn't have a special language with his twin, half the time I have not a clue what the two are saying! I taught my kids sign language from an early age and it is amazing. It cuts out a lot of whining and miscommunication!

  4. I did sign language with my son when he was an infant and his vocabulary was phenomenal! He is stubborn by nature so the sign language kept him from being crabby because he could communicate. :)

    jenny at dapperhouse

  5. No, I never taught my kids sign language when they were young. To me they were either: hungry, tired, wet/dirty or hurt. I've heard that some parents have had a lot of success with it, though!



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