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NICOmate may help you stop smoking! (Review & Giveaway)

You don't know this but I smoke. I started after my aunt died in 2005 because I didn't know how to handle it. I have tried to quit cold turkey, but the withdrawal symptoms were too much for me. I've also tried quitting other times just by gradually limiting my cigarettes, but something stressful would come up and I'd run right back to them.

It is a habit I am ashamed of having, and only my personal friends and family know that I smoke. It's very expensive, and it shortens my life span. But the one thing that really clinched that fact that I need to quit was my hospital stay. They had put me on breathing treatments because I was going through withdrawal symptoms that make me cough. It wasn't even part of my infection or the reason I was admitted. I knew something had to be done so I could live to take care of my family.

NICOmate is a leading researcher and developer of premium electronic cigarettes. So how does an electronic cigarette actually work? It sort of works like the vaporizer your mom used to use when you had a cold with parts working as one. You can find out more information on NICOmate.

Many people ask if electronic cigarettes are safe. Actually, they are a less harmful alternative to actual cigarettes because inhaling anything except oxygen is harmful, no matter what it is. While some studies may show that they are just as harmful as actual cigarettes, no research suggests that they cause cancer and if there was that would mean that nicotine replacement therapies such as the inhaler, patch, and gum would also be.

So if you are looking to stop smoking but need the chemical cessation of nicotine and the physical part of having something that looks and feels like a cigarette, give NICOmate a try.

NICOmate offers a Starter Kit, Cartomizers, and Disposable Electronic Cigarettes along with other accessories to help you quit! Not sure if you're ready to commit to NICOmate? You can try their Trial Offer for FREE and only play $14.95 for shipping! For all electronic cigarettes, you can choose between Tobacco and Menthol flavors.

You can find NICOmate on Facebook and Twitter.

NOTE: If you're wanting to quit smoking, please contact your local health district for advice.
You can purchase a 4-pack of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes for $24.95


Quitting smoking has been on my "goal" list at the start of every new year. But my hospital stay made it go from the middle of the list to the top. So when NICOmate approached me to try out their Disposable Electronic Cigarettes, I didn't hesitate.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes that are ready out of the package and don't require charging. They are good for up to 400 puffs, which is the equivalent of 1.5 packs of cigarettes. I've never tried an e-cigarette before so I was a little nervous if it would work. I took it out of the tube it came in, took a puff, and was surprised that it tasted like an actual cigarette. Because of the vapor, it didn't have that "cigarette smoke" taste that even name brand cigarettes have.

I found it very comforting to know that while it looked like a cigarette (It even has an LED on the top to resemble a lit cigarette) and felt like a cigarette. It had a premium flavor (I chose tobacco, by the way.) that wasn't too overpowering or strong. It's great to know that I have a craving but don't want to smoke a whole cigarette, I can take a puff or two and the craving is gone.

Do I truly believe that the NICOmate Disposable Electronic Cigarette will help me quit smoking? Eventually, yes. The only thing stopping me from quitting is myself. I know I can quit in time. Since I know I have family that support me and NICOmate for those cravings, smoking may become a thing of the past.


I don't know how many of you smoke, but I know some of you may. Thanks to the great folks at NICOmate, I want to help you quit by giving one(1) winner 3 Disposable Electronic Cigarettes in your choice of flavor!

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I was NOT compensated for this review/giveaway. I received (3) Disposable Electronic Cigarettes from NICOmate to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.
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  1. There are over 4000 chemicals in normal cigs and 50 are carcinogenic.. I saw while lighting one haha...

  2. I learned there is "Up to 300 puff per cartomizer

  3. The Disposable Electronic sounds like the one for me.

  4. These would be great for my sister!

  5. I learned that A single cartridge can equal as much as a full pack of traditional cigarettes.

  6. I learned that the disposables are sold in packs of 4 and equal to about 400 puffs, or 1.5 traditional packs of cigarettes.

  7. I learned NICOmate is an industry leader of premium electronic cigarettes

  8. Switching to e-cigarettes with nicotine continued, can be expected to reduce lung cancer risk the same as altogether quitting cigarettes without e- cigs.

  9. all the products are tested for purity

  10. My mom is looking to quit. I'm sure this would help.

  11. like the idea that they are disposable

  12. I learned that there is arsenic and ammonia in cigarettes.

    1. The benefits to anyone of quitting are always good, but the truth is its hard. I would be so grateful for something like this that delivers enough nicotine to wean you off of the real thing. This invention will be a lifesaver

  13. I've learned that the e-cig is a safer alternative to smoking real cigs because of the deadly chemicals that aren't found in it like the real cigs

  14. I would love to try them been a smoker for many years

  15. Electronic cigarettes (e cigarettes) by NICOmate give the persecuted smoker an alternative to harsh tar, harmful carcinogens, and deadly carbon monoxide found in tobacco smoke

  16. There were no links for the gfc, to pin or to subscribe to your blog via e-mail :(

  17. they are disposable

    Brittney House

  18. there is a lifetime limited warranty

  19. tested for purity!

  20. This is the first time I have read of an e-cigarette that comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


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