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Finally home!

After a long 4 days in the hospital, the doctor gave me the okay to go home last night! The week was filled with uncertainty, worry, stress, and sleepless nights. I originally went in with a staph infection, but the next day, I came down with the flu. We first thought it was bronchitis, but the doctor said she saw my white cell count dropping and did a nasal swap (which was super weird) which confirmed it. But luckily, it was just mild case so they gave me plenty of antibiotics and doses of Tamiflu (which they also prescribed) and then once all my vitals looked good yesterday afternoon, the doctor said that I could go home! 

So they did all the discharging stuff, gave me a flu shot, and sent me home. I am so glad to be home, even if it feels a little weird after being in that hospital room for 4 days. The only thing I'll miss? My rising bed, the buttons on the bed that controlled the lights, and the soft pillows. LOL

Thank you for being so supportive!

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  1. So glad you are home! Stay Healthy and now have a Great New Year.
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