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Greetings from the hospital room!

That beautiful sunset was the view from my hospital room this morning as Twin was waking up and I was, well, trying to stay awake. It was a restless night that started off with me, Mom, Twin, and Dad heading to the hospital because it had seemed that my conditioned worsened. We spent a grand total of 2-3 hours in the emergency room while we waited for a bed. I won't give you the gory details, but what they did do landed me on the 4th floor for overnight observation. It was probably one of the most restless nights I have had since Mom had her pacemaker put in. Why? I can't sleep on my back but had no choice. I couldn't bend my right arm because they had put the IV in the crook of my elbow, which made it super painful to keep it straight for 12 hours!

I slept maybe a combined total of 2 hours with little cat naps and me just passing out from exhaustion. I still haven't gotten adequate sleep but I've had breakfast and just awaiting the word of when I can go home.... It's been a really stressful weekend and I just want to thank everyone who kept me and my family in their thoughts & prayers, and those who send well wishes. Without you, I wouldn't even bother blogging while in a hospital bed!

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  1. Hope you will be leaving the hospital soon, it is so hard to get sleep or rest there! Still sending prayers for a speedy recovery from your readers.
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