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Blogging 101 Week begins!

Congratulations! You have decided to start a blog! If you haven't already noticed from the thousands of blogs that have been started and never finished that keeping a blog is hard work. If you keeping your blog full-time, you have to put in the same amount of hours into your blog as you would any other job. Juggling family and household chores can be tedious and somewhat difficult.

Here is what we'll be focusing on the next few days:

  • How get your blog started and which platform (Blogger or Wordpress) works best for you and your blog.
  • How social media can help your blog gain more readers and traffic.
  • Not sure what to post? We'll help you find ways around that writer's block that plagues about 95% of bloggers from time to time.
  • How to gain readership and how blog hops can actually help.
  • Finding which category your blog fits into.
  • The fine art of blogging do's and don'ts.
  • What advice other bloggers have for beginners.
We'll also have a page for blogging resources that I personally use each and every day! 

Starting a blog can be scary, especially if this is your first blog, but we'll be here to help you each step of the way!

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  1. I've just started my blog so this is perfect timing! I look forward to the upcoming articles.


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