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Walmart Deal- Fruit of the Loom Long-Sleeves for $8.24!

Twin had ordered something from the Walmart website and when trying them on when they arrived today, we found out they didn't fit so we headed off to Walmart to return them and find something else IN store. While we were in the men's department, we found some Fruit of the Loom Long-Sleeve Shirts that had a label for $9. Looking at the tag on the t-shirt, we found that they were only $8.24! Because these will end up being sleep shirts, we got the extended sizes. I am sure that the smaller sizes were a little cheaper.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find them on the website individually, but they do have 2-packs for $12 and $15, which would be about the same price. But beware that they are VERY limited on sizes and colors.

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