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Page View Hiccup

Once again, Blogger is having issues, this time with my page views. I was close to 70,000 and when I signed in to post, I noticed that it was down to only 4 page views. I knew something wasn't right, so once again, I went searching and found that almost everyone who uses Blogger is having the same problems.

So because Blogger seems to be having issues constantly, I will be moving everything to my back up blog just in case.


  1. It's happened in the last hour or so. I was on my page earlier and my count was fine, I go eat and come back and it's reset to 1 also. I think I am just going to move to wordpress even though I find blogger easier to use. It sucks that we keep having these issues =/

  2. I couldn't agree more, Heather! While Blogger is easier to use, they are having too many problems as of late and it's putting a damper on us Bloggers that blog, well, every day! I'm hoping they get everyone's stats restored soon!


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