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Dry Idea Review & Giveaway

It's Summertime. That means hot temperatures and days spent at the beach or even working out. Let's face it- no woman wants to admit that they're not sure if their deodorant is keeping them dry and fresh.

With Dry Idea AdvancedDry, you know that you are staying dry. It offers superior all dry protection from wetness and odor. Dry Idea even has different antiperspirants to fit every woman's needs!

 If you like to wear black shirts but hate to get that white stuff on them, then consider Dry Idea's Clear Gel! It goes on clear, and offers 24-hour protection. It's even hypo-allergenic! You can find it in 3.0oz Unscented or in Powder Fresh. So now you can put on those little black dresses without the mess!

If you want something that will keep you dry up to 2 days, Invisible Solid is your best bet! It has up to 48-hour protection from odor and 24-hour protection from wetness. Like all of Dry Idea's products, it is also hypo-allergenic. While it's available in 2.6oz Unscented and Powder Fresh, it can also be found in the scent of Cool Burst w/ Air Conditioning Effect.

For something with fast drying MicroCotton Formula, their Roll On is probably the one for you. It contains Vitamin E (for that silky smooth feeling) and offers 24-hour protection, while remaining hypo-allergenic. The roll-on offers easy application without sacrificing protection. You can purchase it in 3.25oz in scents such as Powder Fresh and Cotton Dry. If you'd rather not have a scented Roll-On, they also offer Unscented.

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You can purchase Dry Idea wherever they are sold. Prices vary.

It gets hot here in Texas. With temperatures easily reaching almost 100* every day, you feel like you're in an oven. So staying dry without the wetness and odor can be difficult- especially if you start sweating the minute you step outdoors.

So I was actually relieved when I got to try Dry Idea AdvancedDry Roll-On. I won't tell you what my last deodorant was, but it wasn't working as well as it should have. I will say that the roll-on deodorant actually has a silky feel to it. The application is super easy- the ball doesn't stick like some brands.

It doesn't go on clear- I will warn you now. But since I only wear t-shirts (not a tank top person), it doesn't bother me. No one is gonna look at my armpits. LOL  I got Unscented, which I actually like. It didn't have a scent, except the scent of deodorant.

It actually kept me dry! When I get home and change, I don't see any wetness on my shirts or smell anything unpleasant coming from that general area. It dries really quick, which makes it great when you're in a hurry. It definitely works like it should- even as the day turns into night and I am still dry. Nice! It's small enough to fit into my bag, but not too small to where it doesn't get lost on the nightstand.

It will probably become my new best friend this Summer. I'm not a fan of the season, but at least I'll be dry during it.

Thanks to the great folks at Dry Idea, three(3) winners will receive 1 coupon for a FREE 3.25oz or smaller Dry Idea AdvancedDry!
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I was NOT compensated for this review/giveaway. I received a FREE AdvancedDry Roll-On from Dry Idea. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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  1. I like the warm summer weather but only if I can spend time at the beach! Also, all the seasonal fruit is amazing :)


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