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Madelaine Chocolates Easter Fillers are great for baskets!

Did you know it is actually cheaper to make your own Easter basket than to buy one at the store? They cost a lot and skimp out on the chocolate.

With Madelaine Chocolates, you can fill those Easter baskets full of chocolate for the price that it would cost to buy an Easter basket and buy more chocolate for it. Since 1949, they have been making premium chocolate that is affordable but still yummy.

Bunny Hop Hunt- Set of 3- $19.99
If you want to put some delicious fun into those Easter baskets, give each child a Bunny Hop Hunt. Each set comes with 3 chocolate games that has 16 chocolates in each window with a clue on where to find the next chocolate. But if you want something a little traditional, you can also get Assorted 6oz Chocolate Rabbits. And since it’s assorted, you get Solid Milk Chocolate, Solid Dark Chocolate, Solid White Chocolate, or Solid White Confection! So those with allergies don’t have to worry about feeling left out!

As I pointed out in a previous post, they have chocolate for all the major Holidays, including chocolates just for everyday delicioiusness!

You can find Madelaine Chocolate on Facebook and Twitter.

You can purchase the 2LB Basket Filler- Assorted Easter Milk Chocolate Minis for $24.99.Other items are also available for purchase through their website/

I have been debating on what to get my smaller cousins for the family’s annual Basket Hunt. What we basically do is fill baskets (everyone pitches in) with small toys, candy, and other Easter-filled fun and then hide the baskets. The children go in search of them. But since times are hard, I didn't want to spend a lot without compromising goodness.

I was excited when I found out I would reviewing the 2LB Basket Filler from Madelaine. There isn't a lot of baskets to fill this year since most of them are growing out of that Easter hunt stage, so I knew I’d be able to sneak some of it into my mouth. I am glad I did! I loved Madelaine Chocolates last year, and this year was no exception! The chocolate was so smooth and delicious. I mean, you put one piece in your mouth, and you can just feel it melt all over your tongue, leaving you wanting more.

The pieces are wrapped in cute foil, like bunnies, eggs, and even baby chicks. They’re so cute that you almost don’t want to eat them, but of course, you have to give into it!

Don’t worry. Even though I shared some with Twin and Mom, there is still some left for the Basket Hunt.

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a FREE product from The Madelaine Chocolate Company to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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