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Tea forte Review & Giveaway

I love tea, whether it’s chai, green, herbal, sweet, unsweetened, or even instant. I grew up drinking tea so as I go into my adult years, I find myself still drinking tea on days I need to relax. 

Lavender Citrus
Tea forte is not just your average “tea” place. They offer a unique and special blend of herbs and spices to make exceptional tea. If you’re a lover of green, caffeine-free, or even black tea, your senses will come alive with a nice cup of gourmet tea!

I love herbal teas. Herbs are good for practically everything and to just drink it in a cup of tea just makes for a good day. Of course, herbal tea isn’t really “tea” since it doesn’t come from a tea bush, but are rather called “tisanes”. But if it tastes good and like tea, it’s a tea to me. Tea forte has many varieties of tisanes such as Harvest Apple Spice, Swiss Apple, Coco Truffle, and African Solstice. And better yet, some of them are certified organic!

I’ve never heard of nor have I ever had oolong tea. It’s somewhere between black and green tea. If you’re a lover of oolong tea, then try their Da Hong Pao Red Robe, Formosa Oolong, or Silk Oolong. After reading a bit about it, I might have to try some. It sounds divine!

Tea Discovery Set- $49
 Believe it or not, they don’t just offer teas. They also have ice teas available, cocktails, minteas (mints that taste like tea), and even teaware to make that perfect cup. But have you heard that tea is supposed to be good for your skin? Tea forte did! Smart-Skin works with your body’s chemistry to help repair and take care of your skin. In other words, it supports the detoxifying effect. For corrective repair, try some of the Cherry Marzipan! Looking to get radiant skin? Lychee Coconut might be your best bet!

Having a warm, steaming cup of tea with someone special makes for a romantic Valentine’s Day!

You can find Tea forte on Facebook and Twitter.

You can purchase the Petite Ribbon Box for $15. To find a retailer near you, use their Store Locator.

As I said before, I love tea. It relaxes me. So when I was able to try the Essential Greens Petite Ribbon Box, I knew I would be relaxing for a while! 

The tea is absolutely lovely! The aromas were intoxicating and just magnificent.

The first one up to bat at my taste buds was the Lemon Sorbetti. It had somewhat of a bitter taste with a green tea taste. I’ve had lemon tea practically all my life but this one wasn’t as strong of the lemon flavor, which was great. The Sencha tea was okay. To me, it just tasted like green tea with maybe a sweet smell to it. My favorite one was the Moroccan Mint. It was definitely minty, but with smoky flavor because of the gunpowder green tea. Another favorite was the Jasmine Green. It has a sweet smell along with a somewhat sweet flavor. The last one I tried was the Green Mango Peach. It had a tiny nutty flavor with the sweet smell of the peach and mango. You can taste the ginger root, but I love ginger root so it was no big deal to me.
I still have some left and after I am done, I plan to make me a cup!

Thanks to the great folks at Tea forte, one (1) winner will receive their own Essential Greens Petite Ribbon Box!
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