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Valentine's for $20 or Less!

Valentine's Day is now about 8 or 9 days away and you probably haven't gotten anything yet for your husband/boyfriend (or wife/girlfriend or even kids) and you probably don't wanna spend a ton of money, right?

For the husband (or boyfriend), get them something that is meaningful but also useful. If they're always heading to the hardware store for those "projects" in the garage, get them a $15 gift card to their favorite hardware store. If you must get them a card, try something personalized from Tiny Prints or Cardstore. They always have cards that tailored for a guy's humor. Since that will only cost maybe $4, you still have $1!

For that lady in your life, spending $20 might seem a little harder because they're expecting roses, candy, and a card. Instead of ordering flowers online (which tend to be expensive), go to your local florists. They usually have a good deal on flowers and you help out a small business. If you're sweetie loves chocolate, don't buy those chocolates up front. Instead, find the candy isle and that is where you will find gourmet chocolates like Godiva and might find a good deal. Once again, try and find a personalized card online for less than $4. If they're not into flowers and want a teddy bear instead, there are plenty of choices! One year, Twin had gotten me a white monkey for Valentine's Day. I still have it!

If you're really strapped for cash but want to get them something cute, you can't go wrong with a funny card and adorable stuffed animal. Prices on adorable teddy bears are usually lower at stores like Walgreens and CVS. Of course you'll be paying retail for the card (which is always cheaper online), but of course, spending $4 for a card isn't too bad either, especially if you have a coupon!

I'm not one for a dozen roses and a giant teddy bear. Just give me a funny card and some chocolate!

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