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The Better Chip Review

Sometimes you crave something salty, but you don’t want all the junk that can be in potato chips. I love Cheetos, but tortilla chips come in a close second. They’re not all that healthy, but you can’t help but crave them!

The Better Chip is one alternative to those tortilla chips! Not only are they much healthier, they are also all-natural! Better yet, they are also gluten-free and contain 40% fresh veggies! For those have nut allergies, the chips are made in a nut-free environment, so you don’t have to worry!
You also have several great flavors to choose from! You can try the Jalapeno & Sea Salt, Sweet Onion & White Cheddar, Fresh Corn, or the Red Pepper & Salsa Fresca! The Jalapeno & Sea Salt is made with double masa and real jalapenos. The Sweet Onion & White Cheddar is made with real onions and white cheddar. The Fresh Corn is made with fresh corn kernels. Finally, the Red Pepper & Salsa Fresca is made with real red bell peppers and salsa fresca.

Not only are they better for you, they're made with double masa for an extra-strength dipping chip!

You can find The Better Chip on Facebook.

You can use their Store Locator for current retailers. It isn’t available everywhere. You can also purchase them on Amazon (in select states).

I might love Cheetos, but will gladly eat tortilla chips. But this year, I am looking for healthy alternatives to those yummy junk foods so when I came across The Better Chip, I had to try them!

Jalapeno & Sea Salt
Jalapeno & Sea Salt- This one is very hot! It doesn’t hit you right away, but trust me, you will feel it. But then you also have an undertone of sea salt. These will clear out your sinuses!

Sweet Onion & White Cheddar- It has a little bit of sweetness mixed in with the saltiness of the white cheddar. Twin loved them but she did notice that after eating a few in one sitting, there was a bit of an aftertaste.

Red Pepper & Salsa Fresca- This one is my favorite! It’s like having salsa in a chip instead of on the chip! It was salty, a little sweet, a little spicy. Absolutely delicious!

I might have to find ways to get more of these! I could eat them every day!

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received FREE products from The Better Chip to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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