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What you'll see in 2012!

Hi folks! Twin and I have thought long and hard about these new requirements we will be implicating starting in January. We wanted something that would benefit our readers more and would interest them.

So, all review items will be $20 or more. We had/have a few reviews/giveaways that are less than that because during the Holidays, a gift is a gift, regardless of the price. Right? But in 2012, we want you to get the most out of the review items. So unless it’s part of a package deal, all items to be reviewed will be $20 or more.  All giveaways will be for the same item or one of equal value. 

You won’t be seeing any major medication reviews! The reason being is that because Twin and I have such sensitive systems, we aren’t sure how our bodies will react. We might have an all-natural or organic medication review, but we are very knowledgeable in herbs so we know which herbs are safe. So yes, if you’re interested in Edge of Insanity reviewing your all-natural or organic medicines, let us know!

Unless Twin (Amanda) or the sponsor requires it, you won’t have to a leave a comment to enter our giveaways! This also includes extra entries. We have found that giveaway entries are lower when people are required to leave a comment instead of just filling out the answer in Rafflecopter. I mean, if you want to leave a comment, feel free! But it won’t gain you an extra entry. Sorry. But people want a fast entry and know that they’re entry is there. So we want you to feel the same way! 

We will be posting online deals well into the New Year. I have realized that deals don’t just stop at Christmas shopping. We want to save money all year, right? So when I find a good deal that even I would want, I’ll let ya know! If you are looking for specific deals during the year, shoot me an email, let me know on Twitter, or our Facebook page and I’ll see what I can find!

You will also get to know other bloggers! Every Sunday, we’re gonna allow other bloggers to either post their Facebook or blog link on our page! Of course, you can only do it once every Sunday. We also ask that you give us a shoutout on your Facebook page.

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