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Just like Christmas!

Last night, as Twin was checking her e-mail, she noticed a notification from UPS regarding her shipment of a review item. She mentioned to me that it was delivered at 6:45pm (or somewhere around there) to the front door. Since she wasn't feeling well, I volunteered to go into the below freezing temperatures to get it.

As I opened the door, I noticed 3 packages waiting for me. I let out a chuckle because there was a big box, medium box, and small box. Kind of like how you would see presents stacked on TV. Well, except for the wrapping paper, bows, and gift tags. But as I picked them up, I said out loud "We have gifts waiting for us!". I walked back into the house and Mom said "You weren't lying! What are they?". I had no clue, so that's what I told her.

As I got to the bedroom door, I said the same thing of "We had gifts waiting for us!". The eyes on Twin when I walked into the bedroom... priceless! Her eyes got as big as a kid's on Christmas morning when they realize Santa brought them an XBOX Kinect. Unfortunately, only 1 was for her and it was the smallest. I can't tell you what it was because it's a review item. But the other 2 were the ELF 5-piece nail polish set and a book to review. I immediately opened the nail polish set and got to work cleaning the black nail polish off my nails.

For some reason, I now have an obsession with nail polish. Before the set, I only had 1 bottle of black. But I couldn't see myself spending $8 on a bottle so I waited until I could find a deal. Boy did I! Even Twin used the nail polish. She chose the Royal Purple, which looks so good on her! I wanted something festive so I decided upon the Metal Madness (which is a little glittery to begin with) and then a thin layer of Golden Goddess for that shimmery-look. Considering its the Holidays and our birthday next week, I am so ready! The only thing that threw me off was the thickness of the nail polish. I am used to the thinness of $1 nail polishes so it takes some getting used to. I think I added about an inch of nail polish. LOL

Then today, I am expecting Twin's Christmas gift, Mom's, and a new camera we desperately needed. After that, I should be getting Dad's Christmas gift and Twin's birthday gift. It's like Christmas, when you open the door and see oodles of boxes waiting to be opened!

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