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HGG: Toys- Review

Sending Holiday gifts can be pretty expensive- especially with prices rising at the post office! Then you have to worry about the box being crushed or the package not making it to the person it was intended for. But there is one company that is cutting out the package problem! is a personalized Frizbee that it sent with regular mail, and without a box!
See? It's a greeting card and useful gift all rolled into one! You have your choice from a lot of colors. Also, if you want, can also add any image from the library, or use one of your own (but must e-mail it). When you add your Frizbee to your cart, on the next page, you can now add your words to your Frizbee.

So, if you're needing a gift for a friend, child, or anyone but don't really want to send a regular greeting card, I'd definitely choose this.

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even at their Blog.

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Each FrizbeeGram costs $9.99.

What I Thought
When I got this in the mail, I thought it was exceptionally cute! It's something I've never seen before. When I got the chance to review this, I couldn't say "No." It's unique, and something that anyone who receives this will remember.

The FrizbeeGram came just as it is advertised.
See the stamps?

The quality of the Frizbee is very good! I've thrown it around outside a couple of times and it hasn't scratched at all. Of course, it would also be that I don't have any trees around my house. But if I did, I believe that it would stand up to that, too.

Ack! I almost forgot to mention the quality of the imagery! One word: Superb! You gotta look at this:

I know you can add your own personalization to just about everything in this world, but this is exceptional work! When I got it in the mail, I saw our logo and thought "How cool! We're on a frisbee!" And then I saw the color (I love pink!), and that sealed it.

I am a happy camper with the this cool Frizbee!!

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a FREE FrizbeeGram from to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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