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A Walmart Halloween

There is nothing wrong with wanting to do an inexpensive Halloween from Walmart. With times being as hard as they are, sometimes you have to go to Walmart to get some good variety with pretty nice deals. In fact, we were able to get quite a bit for not a lot!

Twin's mask
Mardi Gras Mask- $5.97
NYC Black nail enamel- $0.93 (That is no typo. It was only 93 cents!)
Black votive candles 4-pack (3)- $5.13 ($1.71 each)
Orange votive candles 4-pack (3)- $5.13 ($1.71 each)
Halloween window clings- $1.00

TOTAL: $18.16

Not bad, eh? We still have a few more things to get like stretchy spiderwebs that we can get at Dollar General for $1 each. Then we are looking to get a jointed skeleton cutout like Party City has on their website. We're hoping either Spirit Halloween has it in their store (yep, we have a Spirit Halloween!) or some other place has it. I REALLY want one. LOL

Costumes are another thing that tends to cost more than you are willing to spend. Walmart seems to have come down on their childrens' costumes the past year or so. I remember looking at a children's vampire costume last year, and it had a price of almost $30. I didn't even want to know what the adults' vampire costume price was. But if you want the best deals and more choices, now would be the time to get that costume.

Well, that goes for pretty much everything Halloween you're getting from Walmart. As Halloween is a mere 23 days away, costumes and candy is going to become scarce. But to get the possible deal, comparison shop. Search online for the costume you're getting and see if anyone else offers it at a cheaper price. Just because you don't want to spend a lot doesn't mean you have to purchase it at the first price you see.

What are ways you're saving this Halloween?

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  1. I love how you saved money! And decorations are so easy to reuse! I remember when I was growing up we used pillow cases for candy - cheap, and you got a ton more candy!

    I love this holiday!


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