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So Behind!

As the picture above describes, I am sick with a cold. Not that its really necessary to say that, but it is one of the reasons I haven't been posting. I will get on, choose a winner, and post who the winner is. It feels like I've been neglecting my duties to help you save. So this weekend I will be working overtime to get those things out to you.

Not to mention I have great news! I will have an Amazon giveaway starting tomorrow! I can't tell you what the prize is. That would be cheating. But who cares- its Amazon, right? Everyone could use a little bit of money on Amazon!

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  1. Hope you get to feeling better. I am have a major ragweed allergy attack. Miserable, barely want to check my mail. I slept from 2pm Saturday until 3:30am Sunday morning on my couch and my family was kind enough to not disturb me. I was slightly grumpy.

    Patricia aka Mamaw


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