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Guest posts on Edge of Insanity
This year, we have decided that we want to start accepting guest posts! Not only will it help both bloggers, it will also allow readers and followers to get a new perspective on things that matter most to them!

If you're interested in being a guest poster here in Edge of Insanity, fill out this form and we'll try to get you on board as soon as possible!

We are looking for guest posts on these topics:

  1. Anxiety
  2. GERD (Or persistent indigestion, heartburn, etc.)
  3. Cheap but easy beauty ideas
  4. Crafts that non-seasoned crafters can do (No children's crafts, please.)
  5. Plus-size fashion (Must be affordable for most households.)

Here are a few guidelines for guest posts:

  • All content must be original.
  • All posts must be 500 words or more.
  • All posts must include at least 1 pinnable image. (4 image maximum for all posts.)
  • No plagiarism or stealing content is allowed in ANY circumstance.
  • If you use an image that you didn't create or take, be sure to get permission to use it and then make sure you that you properly credit the owner.
  • You must follow the current blog format. All text must be centered to the left and images centered in the middle.
  • You must stay on topic. Stories about your topic is okay, but try not to deviate from your chosen topic.
  • No affiliate links, sponsored content, or ads are allowed. This includes reviews and giveaways.
  • Short bios are required. (2-3 sentences minimum but less than 5.)
  • Links are allowed in bios. (1-2 links maximum.)

Now for the fun stuff! Here is what will happen once your post goes live:
  • It will be shared at least twice monthly on all social media, excluding Instagram and Pinterest. It will only be shared once on Instagram and Pinterest.
  • It will be posted in blogging groups on Facebook to be shared by other bloggers.
  • It will be part of our newsletter, which is only sent out when new posts are published.

It may not be much, but we believe we could band together and make something great!

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