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Weekly Weigh In Week 3: Plateau

I know it's been a while since I last posted a weight loss or weight gain.

Anyways, I am not proud of myself this time around. I have hit that dreaded weight loss wall everyone has hit at least once in their lives: the plateau, where you stop losing and stay steady at where you're at.

I still run and workout when I can (and I could give you excuses until the sun comes up, but I won't), and eat healthy, I have hit that plateau. Once I hit 250lbs, that's where I stayed. I would either gain 1 pound or lose 1 pound. And god bless my family, they would try to make me feel better by saying "You're just gaining muscle.".

So I have decided to jump start my metabolism again by actually scheduling in the runs and workouts as well as continue eating healthy. I mean, I'm not proud that I allowed my workouts and running, which I love, to take a backseat to other things but I considered it a lesson learned.

Beginning of March

So, here are the numbers for this week's weigh in:

Last week (March 2): 250lbs
Current weight: 250.5lbs
Gain: .5lbs

As you can tell from the face that I look a little "bloated". 
I'm not sure where the 1/2 pound came from, but I'm thinking from water weight, since I haven't been working out as often as I used to.

So, let the training resume again!

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