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Is your home ready for the holidays?

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The holidays are coming up quick! Thanksgiving is mere weeks away with Christmas and New Year's being a month away. When it comes to the holidays, time tends to go by quickly!

But is your house ready for family and guests? How can you tell if your home is holiday-ready?

Do you have the essentials every guest is going to need?

Before your guests and visitors arrive, ask them if they are going to need anything special. Stock up on toiletries, extra blankets, and anything else they may need. But don't forget about your family's needs in the process!

Do you have enough time to clean?

If you live a busy life, odds are, you don't. "Volunteer" the kids, family, and friends to help get your home ready for the festivities. Turn it into a holiday cleaning party!

If that's not an option, new york city based is a home cleaning service that offers next-day availability done by people who take pride in taking care of your home. They offer tons of services including but not limited to furniture assembly, interior painting, TV mounting, moving help, hanging pictures & shelves, and of course, home cleaning. They even have a handy (pun not intended) app that lets you manage your bookings wherever you are!

Can your home handle excess traffic, decorations, and craziness?

The holidays are known for being insane! How can you tell if your home can physically handle that insanity? Make sure to check fuses. Make sure any heating system you use (central heating or space heaters) are working properly. Replace any work out rugs that may slip when walked across. Keep small decorations high enough where little fingers can't reach them. Keep guests informed of any issues that happen.

Are you ready?

That's an important question! If you aren't ready to deal with the stress of the holidays, it can be difficult to make sure your house is! Once in a while, take some time for yourself. Get away from the craziness for a few minutes and decompress. You'll feel a lot better!

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