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Blogging Tips: Use BeFunky for Easy Pinterest Collages

Most bloggers know that having a Pinterest-ready photo on your blog can make or break your Pinterest success.

Let's start off with the proper Pinterest sizes. Generally, a Pinterest picture should be about 735x1102. It may seem large, but will be automatically resized on Pinterest newsfeeds. Usually, you want the height to be more than the length so it can properly be displayed on Pinterest without losing quality.

Now you need to create a Pinterest collage of recipe, craft, or product roundups. Most people use PicMonkey but to get the proper size collage, you need to sign up for Royale, which you have to pay for.

I needed to create a college for a gift guide I was doing, and if you're anything like me, you really can't afford to pay for something you won't use often. So I decided to search for an online collage maker that had the sizes I need but for free.

That's when I came across BeFunky. BeFunky is an online collage maker where 95% of their layouts are free, especially most of their Pinterest layouts. It's easy to add your images, delete cells, and resize cells. You can also add overlays and patterns.

Under "Greeting Cards", there is a section for social media headers, social media graphics, and even blogger resources. (Some of the areas are free and some aren't.)

Check out this collage I made for the gift guide using BeFunky and PicMonkey:
(You can view the gift guide here.)

Unfortunately, there is a drawback to BeFunky. Adding text isn't exactly easy, and you can't resize it like you can in other image editing programs or websites. Luckily, that can be remedied simply by using PicMonkey, Ribbet, or GIMP.

I suggest that if you don't have a subscription to PicMonkey or Ribbet where you can get all the cool collage layouts that you use BeFunky just for making your collage.

FYI: You can also download BeFunky on Android or Apple phones.

What do you use to create Pinterest collages?

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