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I was NOT compensated for this post. I received a FREE copy of My Mother's Quilts by Ramona Richards to facilitate this review. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

"A quilt is love that serves a purpose."

I don't quilt, and neither does Mom, but I have known plenty of people who do. Each quilt they have started has a story behind it. One particular story was at first sad but made for a happy reason. A friend of mine, her brother died, and he had all of his collegiate clothing hanging around, and his wife was distraught but had a child to take care of. So his sister decided to make a quilt out of his college clothing not only for his wife, but so his child would have something to remember him by.

That's what My Mother's Quilts is about - quilts with a story. Ramona Richards draws together stories about quilts made by loved ones and the quilts are passed down to someone full of love and the meanings of life.

In one story, a quilt had been hidden away in North Carolina during the Civil War to be kept safe from the destruction happening. Her grandmother would take it out once a year to air it out on the clothesline, and then put it away. After being passed down, it became so fragile, and was eventually donated to a museum.

Every single story has a heart-warming and inspirational story that will make you want to find out the story on all of your handmade quilts (if you have any). There are over thirty different stories to draw inspiration and strength from. Not only does each story start with Scripture and end with prayer starters, each story also features full-color photographs of the beautiful quilts that are mentioned.

If you want a book that's a beautiful read with every emotion possible, I highly suggest My Mother's Quilts. It's easily a book I could read whenever I need a prayer starter or just want to find happiness in a story.

You can purchase My Mother's Quilts here.

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