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Weight Loss Update: Miles At A Time

It seems I have made a triumphant breakthrough in my walking & running, and it only happened recently!

Okay, let me back up. On May 4th (which was a Wednesday), I decided that I would walk to the local H-E-B and get Mom her Mother's Day present. She has asked for hanging baskets and I knew that H-E-B Plus! would have them. But because we don't have a car and I don't have a bicycle yet, my dad and I walked over 2 miles to the store. The sun was high and the temperature was in the mid 80's but I knew it was the only chance I would get to go.

Walking there was a breeze, and it was actually kind of fun. It was a new route from what I normally take, and I hadn't been inside the store in a while. (I wanted to take home some new porch furniture but at $500 a pop, I could not only afford it, getting it home might have been a little difficult.)

Once we left, walking home a bit more difficult. I was tired, hot, and I was dying for something cold to drink. But I made it home without any problems, and after that, I started walking longer distances.

The next time I went running, I knew that if I could walk 2 miles one way without being overly tired, I could certainly run a mile without any problems. I made the cardinal mistake of wearing sweatpants in 90* humidity, and when I got home, I was ready for put myself in an ice bath for the rest of the evening. But my sweatpants oops aside, it really wasn't that difficult.

I have realized that the more I walk or run longer distances, the more I know I can handle maybe another half mile the next time.

As far as losing weight, I may need to go down one more size. Which sounds great, but I had JUST bought clothes one size up. My shoes are starting to feel a little loose (but I plan on getting a new pair in June), though I haven't decided if it's because I'm losing weight, they are getting worn out, or a combination of both. Either way, what girl doesn't love a new pair of shoes?

Once I can condition myself to not feel like fainting when I run in hotter temperatures or get so tired, I may try my hand at a smaller marathon and then work my way up to the larger ones.

Not only am I losing weight, I find myself happier after a long walk or run. I rarely return home in a bad mood.

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