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#GERD: Find those trigger foods!

#GERD: Finding your trigger foods.

Since 2008, I have suffered from GERD. It actually took me going to the emergency room to get a diagnosis, but for the past 6 years, I have restructured my diet so many times, I have finally figured out what my TRUE trigger foods are. It's not all that difficult to find your trigger foods, but I have a few suggestions on what to look for!

Now, I only speak from experience, but chocolate, caffeine, fatty/oily/greasy foods,  too much sodium, and even some vegetables can trigger GERD - mild or severe. This, of course, varies from person to person. But each and every single one of those will trigger my GERD once in a while. So if I am having a bad day, I avoid those.

So how are your supposed to find out what triggers your GERD? Keep a food journal. Even at the slightest hint of indigestion, write it down. If the event of major indigestion or heartburn, be sure to keep a list of foods or drinks that cause it. Over time, your list will either grow or diminish (especially if you take certain healthy steps like exercising regularly or eating healthier).

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Another way to find your trigger foods is to remember what caused your GERD in the first place. For me, it was pizza, which I now try to avoid when I can. A friend of mine had learned it was coffee that brought on her GERD. So now instead of drinking coffee in the morning, since it causes her to have heartburn, she has a nice cup of green tea. If you can't remember what brought on your GERD, that's okay! When you feel nauseated or have indigestion within 30 minutes of eating or drinking something, more than likely that whatever you ate is a trigger food.

So how does my diet look now? I don't have jalapenos, or anything with capsaicin (the stuff that makes peppers spicy). While I still have red pepper flakes once in a while, I can't have it often. I can no longer eat burgers that are cooked on a flat top, having to opt for grilled burgers. I don't have anything overly greasy or fatty. I limit my salt, and my caffeine. I have given up soda completely and I drink coffee only once or twice a week. I even have more veggies on my plate than anything else because I know it won't cause indigestion. I drink about 3 liters of water a day, to keep my digestion system clean. I have even started losing weight, which does help.

What foods do you avoid so you don't end up with indigestion or heartburn? What foods do you miss eating?

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