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What Leonard Nimoy Did for #womenslives

I know that the Across Women's Live initiative is meant to celebrate women and what they have done for society, but it is possible for a man to help celebrate women's lives as well!

Did you know that Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) was actually for equal rights for women and wanted women to be confident with their bodies?

The Full Body Project, was a photography book filled with provocative (and often nude) pictures was to applaud the "everyday woman" -- though some would argue that Nimoy's use of the models is anything but the "everyday woman". Even if your opinions differ from Nimoy's, you have to agree that celebrate women and their shapes is something that makes every woman feel good.

Equal rights for men and women often cause debates that are out of this world. Some men - and some women - don't want equal rights because it would strip away the thought that the husband should support the wife and have a job. Even if the wife had a job, she shouldn't be paid equal, once again brandishing the idea of the husband being the breadwinner. But because Nimoy's co-star Nichelle Nichols was being considerably less than her male co-stars, Nimoy fought for Nichols to get paid the same amount as her co-stars. He eventually became known as the "conscience of Star Trek".

As we celebrate women who do amazing things, we can also celebrate the fact that there are men out there who want women to have equal rights as well, and that's a beautiful thing.

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