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5 Apps Every Blogger Should Have

Blogging on-the-go is now the norm for most bloggers. Some apps (like Instagram) allow us to post pictures of our vacations to our readers within an instant. Some apps help us type out ideas before we forget them. There are even apps that let us edit pictures with the swipe of a finger. But what are the best apps for a blogger to have?

1. An app for your blogging platform
Whether you use Wordpress or Blogger, having an app for your platform allows you to post, approve comments, or edit no matter where you are in the world. Just make sure that your device supports the app.

Wordpress for iPhones/iPads
Blogger for iPhones/iPads
Wordpress for android
Blogger for android

2. Social media apps
This includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. I personally have Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest on my android tablet. I haven't gotten around to Twitter, but I eventually will.

Since most people already have these, the links aren't needed. But they can be found on either iTunes or Google Play (depending on your device).

3. A photo editing app
Some smartphones or tablets don't have a great editing tool already installed, so you have to download one. Find an editing app that suits your needs. Adobe Photoshop Express is popular, but Photo Editor by Aviary is another great app! (The link for Photo Editor by Aviary goes to Google Play.)

4. Google Analytics
As a blogger, keeping up with Google Analytics is a must! But if you're not going to be near a computer for some time, you might want to consider downloading the Google Analytics app. You can pretty much see everything on there that you normally would.

Google Analytics for android
Google Analytics for iPhones/iPads

5. Evernote or Google Drive
You need a place to upload or keep your ideas and pictures handy. Some android tablets come with Evernote already installed, which makes it hard to uninstall it if you decide to use Google Drive.

For android users, you can search for your apps in Google Play. iPhone/iPad users can search for apps in the iTunes store. Be sure to keep an eye on the price on the app - some of them may not be free - especially the photo editing apps!

Which blogging apps are your favorite?

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