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Organize Your Holidays & Stay Sane!

I don't know about you, but when the holidays roll around, I tend to feel completely unorganized. I usually just end up doing things as I remember them. But this year, I decided that I am going to be more organized so I came up with a system that I think might work for me!

I think the main thing is not to get too stressed out or panic. If you just work yourself up into a frenzy, you will probably end up forgetting things. Then you should probably start writing everything down that needs to get done before the big day. You will probably forget a minor detail, but once you have listed everything that needs to be bought, baked, or wrapped before December 25th, 

Now you have your list. Great! Once you have your list completed (as much as you can), head on over to Life Your Way and find a free printable for each item on your list and a free Christmas Your Way ebook. I have already printed several sheets of the Christmas Budget worksheet, since staying on budget can be difficult for me during the holidays. What can I say - I like to smother my family with gifts. 

When you are scheduling and organizing, be sure to include activities for you, your family, and the kids. You can find monthly printables if you need to have it written down so you won't forget. This can include decorating or baking. 

Now, when it comes to Christmas shopping, I tend to get frazzled very easily because I want to make sure I get it in time to wrap and stick under the tree (or in stockings). If are buying online and you know where you are buying it from, write down their estimated shipping times, You don't always have to purchase the quicker shipping, which is usually really expensive, unless you need it immediately. If you're not sure, be sure to write down the the gifts you haven't decided where you plan to purchase them at the top of the list so you can search for them first. 

Be sure that when you set a budget, you allow for extra expenses like unexpected small gifts you need to pick up or you run short of candy for stockings. Having a small amount set to the side will make the unexpected seem a little less frightening.

Organizing your holidays can seem like a daunting task but it doesn't have to be!

Do you stay organized for the holidays or just "go with the flow"?

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