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Holiday Nail Fun!

(Ignore the black smudge on my middle finger. There is something wrong with the camera lens.)

I love painting my nails for the holidays, but this year, I wanted something a little more subtle. So I decided to put my 2 new nail polishes to work! To get this look, you will need:

Your standard base & top coat
Milani Tricky Treat (or something similar, since it is hard to find)
Sinful Colors Frenzy
Sinful Colors All About You (Currently out of stock at Walmart but you might be able to find it elsewhere)

* <-- If you see this, it means that this step only applies to the ring fingers.


  1. Apply your base coat and let it dry completely.
  2. Apply 2 coats of Milani Tricky Treat (or your similar color), letting it dry between coats.
  3. Since Sinful Colors' All About You (the gold glitter) is sheer and not very impressive on its own, put at least 2-3 coats on top of the Tricky Treat. You don't have to let it dry between coats. That's up to you. But do let the last coat dry completely. I waited at least 24 hours.
  4. *Using tape (I used medical tape, since it was all I could find and it worked fabulously), go from the top corner (near your cuticles) to the middle of the edge of the nail. 
  5. *Use several passes of Sinful Colors' Frenzy (which is sheer and glittery) to get the hue you want. You do not have to let it dry between coats. 
  6. Once everything is dry, put on your top coat.
It's not very showy, but the gold goes perfect with the holidays and the glittery sparkles of Frenzy is perfect for those who want a little pop of color without being too bold.

Hope y'all like it and happy holidays!


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