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A Curvy Girl's Holiday Outfit

It's the holidays (Yay!) and that means get-togethers, parties, and fun! When it comes to parties, I always try to look my best. I don't have my personal style yet, but the holidays are the perfect time to try things out!

I also try to find items I already have or that are super affordable. Think I can create an outfit for $250 or less?

Can you tell me which set is more expensive?



If you guessed Set B, you would be correct! All together, Set B would cost a whopping $4,892! Of course, the most expensive pieces are the jewelry and shoes. Set A would only set you back $230!

Set A - Black jacket ($33 at Target); Heart necklace ($16 at; Bracelet ($3.90 at Forever21)
Set B - Gray shirt ($29 at Maurices); Black jacket ($26 at

Swapping pieces from these sets (minus the $1500 shoes) may create a look any curvy girl will love!

Which one do you like best?

I like Set B with the jewelry from Set A!

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  1. Very cute outfit! I love the skirt in outfit B.


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