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Caring for plants is fun and easy with the Daisy Sensor!

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Families are starting to plant more plants, which is not only fun for children, but for the whole family. But let's be honest - remembering when to water, place the plants in sunlight, remove them from the sun, or isn't easy. Everyone is so busy with activities that it's hard to remember all of these.

There may be an app for that in the future! Digital Spring LLC is coming out with what they call the Daisy Sensor and App. It was designed to make it easier to know how to exactly care for your plants.

What is the Daisy Sensor and App? The Daisy Sensor is a smart device that measures soil moisture, temperature, and light 24/7. It stores all of this into the sensor and using the app, it sends that information to your smartphone or tablet. It even creates a catalog of your plants, including their names, personal names, and their location.

What is even more useful is that the sensor sends notifications to the app when the plant needs to be watered or moved, eliminating the need to worry about killing it. The sensors and apps are also very affordable. For about the same price of one competing sensor, you can buy 4 or 8 sensors so you can monitor all of your plants! It is also a great way for children to track the progress of their favorite plants and learn how to properly care for plants.

While I hate to rain on your parade, the sensors and apps aren't available yet. Digital Spring LLC needs your help with this project! If you are truly interested in finding out more about Daisy Sensor and App, be sure to check out their Kickstarter.

Okay, I have to admit that I am really bad not remembering when to water my plant or move it from out of the sunlight. I have killed so many plants over the past years, I feel kind of bad about it. But you can you bet that when the sensors and app hit the shelves (or virtual shelves, so to speak), I am getting some! Maybe it'll keep me from killing my favorite cosmos.


  1. I do pretty good at keeping plants alive, but I try to stick to hardy ones and ones that can spring back after forgetting to water. I stay away from finicky things like violets.

  2. W-h-a-t! I may actually have plants with this app!

  3. awesome! I'll check it out and thanks for sharing

  4. I am the worst green thumb and this would be great for me!

  5. I have a plant that I have managed to keep alive for 4 years now. It is in need of some tlc.


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