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I was NOT compensated for this post. I received FREE ShaveMOB samples to facilitate this review. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.
* (average retail prices)

Ever have the problem of buying disposable razors (the ones with the removable heads), only to have to turn around and buy more refills a month or two later? At a price of $6* per razor (with 1 or 2 refills), and $5* per refill set, you can easily spend up to $75 a year on razors!

ShaveMOB allows you to get up to a year's worth of cartridges for their own razor handle, and all the cartridges fit on the handle so you don't have to buy a new one- unless you want to! You could spend less than what you would spend at the store - up to an estimated 70%. You can order a 2, 6, or 12 month supply with many different styles and number of blades for men and women.

Men's available razors

How It Works

  1. Select your razor. Just choose how many blades you want. Men can decide if they want the trimmer or not while women can decide if they want an option flexible head with the 6-blade cartridges.
  2. Choose your supply. Each supply comes with 2 cartridges per month (2 months = 2 cartridges, 6 months = 12 cartridges, and 12 months = 24 cartridges).
  3. When your supply is running low, you can reorder. 
There is no membership free, and you will not be charged unless you reorder. They won't even retain your credit card information unless you specifically choose to save it. Oh yeah, all orders in the US are shipped for FREE!

These would make a great gift, or even a wonderful white elephant gift!

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You can purchase ShaveMOB handles and razors on their website. Prices vary.

When it comes to razors, women are pretty picky because we want something that will get close to the skin without nicking us all over the place. I have come across some razors before that left my legs looking like I put them through the blender. So I usually keep to one brand because it's the only one that won't cut me.

But I have to save that I love the 6 blade cartridge on ShaveMOB's handle! I will admit that it was hard to use at first. Being used to 3 blades, it was hard to figure out how to use the flexible 6-blade head. I think I did cut myself once or twice until I got the hang of it. The razor handle is probably one of the best! With a rubber grip, it didn't slip at all and there is what I call a "thumb hold" to put your thumb for better shaving. I wish all razor handles came with one!

The 4 blade razor was a little easier to use, especially on those sensitive areas. It got close without irritating it. No nicks this time. The heads are easy to remove, and put on (once you figure it out). I got a close shave, and I love that each 6 blade head comes its own closeable storage thing. Great for keeping in an overnight bag!

Besides having to figure out a few things (which can leave someone a little annoyed), it is a great razor! I think I might have to include this as one of my favorite brands!

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  1. This looks like an awesome razor. I have never seen these in the stores but would love to try them out so will have to be diligent in looking for them.


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