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Honest Pet Products = Happy Pets!

When it comes to the holidays, more often than not, we surprise our beloved 4-legged furry children with toys and treats. But did you know that you can protect the environment by giving your pets eco-friendly pet toys and products made from sustainable materials?

Honest Pet Products are truly made from natural and eco-friendly materials that not only help the planet, but they also help hardworking people with disabilities, who help make some of their products. So not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, you are also supporting people from around the world!

 In fact, their cat toys are handmade in Mongolia by women of impoverished, nomadic herding families living without many basic needs. Through the Snow Leopard Trust’s Fair Trade cooperative, these families earn a living with their traditional wool-working skills. In exchange, herders are protecting the endangered snow leopards that share their habits.

Okay, onto their products! Honest Pet Products offer a variety of dog and cat toys. Their dog toys include squeakers, discs, tuggers & sticks, and even dog grooming shampoo! Owl lovers may get a kick out of the stuffed Eco Owl Buddy! The Eco Owl Buddy toys are even made by disabled adults in Wisconsin. For the pooch that loves to play tug-o-war, the Eco-Tugger may become their favorite toy. Their Honest Clean Organic Dog Shampoo is made without artificial foaming agents, synthetic preservatives or dyes. It includes ingredients like saponified organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, organic lavender oil, organic aloe vera, rosemary extract and HEMP oil so you know it is the best for your dog!

Felines need plenty of toys because they get bored very easily, so to keep them from climbing your curtains or tearing up the newspaper (Yes, they can do that. Trust me!), Honest Pet has you covered! They have plenty of catnip-filled euphoria-inducing fun like the Eco Mouser, Eco Kitty Bird , Eco Cat Fisher (with bamboo pole) and 2 others. For kittens and others that need to be constantly entertained, the Eco Kitty Comet might do the trick! It comes with a natural clip so you can clip it onto practically anything so they can play by themselves or use it as a handle to play with kitty.

To see the full line of their wonderful products, you can download their products catalog (PDF).

You can follow Honest Pet Products on Facebook.

Use their store locator to find a retailer near you or shop online. Prices may vary.

Dog toys on the right and cat toys on the left.

I love giving my little purring pets toys, especially catnip-filled toys. It makes them go CRAZY! But I also want to start reducing my carbon footprint and make a stand to protect the environment, so I was really excited when I had the chance to review Honest Pet Products. I think my kitties can say the same! Before I even had a chance to take a picture of it, one of our Siamese was already trying to take a catnip mouse out of the box and got mad when I wouldn't let her. 

But the minute I was done and put the toys down for the kitties to play with them, the cats went crazy! I kid you not - they were biting, kicking, and throwing the toys around. They even found their favorite toy and refused to let others play with it. Even our Siamese boy (whose name is Brother but we sometimes call him "Bubba"), who doesn't play much, was having so much fun! I have a few battle wounds to prove it.
Our Siamese with the Eco Cat Fisher.

The only toy that did't get played with much was the Eco Catty Pillar, until one of the kittens we are taking care of (until they are ready for new homes) found it and played with it a little. Then his brother decided to take it away somewhere.

I also received 9 dog products, but since we don't have a dog, I found 3 friends willing to help me out!

Jenn, who received a dog grooming set, Medium Eco Fetchin' Stick, and 8" Medium Eco Owl Buddy, said while the shampoo did a great job of keeping her dog super fluffy, it didn't smell so great. The dual brush worked okay at detangling, but didn't collect hair very well. The dogs liked the Fetchin' Stick and Owl Buddy, though!

Becky, who was given a 11" Small Eco Quacker, Medium Eco Tosser, and 10" Large Eco Fly-N-Tug, said that her dog loved all the toys, even after they were shredded! Once the Fly-N-Tug was destroyed, she put it in a trash bag and her dog still went after it. Her pooch didn't care for the Eco Tosser much because once it was chewed on a few times, it didn't roll much anymore.

Becky, who had gotten a 21" Eco Rattler, 7" Medium Eco Fetcher, and a Medium Eco Tugger told me that while the dog enjoyed the toys, they didn't last long under the use of her pups. Their favorite, however, was the Eco Rattler because of the squeaker in the tail!

So believe me when I tell you that dogs and cats alike will love Honest Pet Products!

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