Oct 3, 2014

Weight Loss Journey: MAJOR Update!

For the past 6 or 7 months, I have allowed you an intimate look into my struggle with weight and losing it. I cannot lie - it has been hard letting strangers know my battle with weight and letting them judge my choices. I'm a pretty private person, so letting you a peek into my private life means that I am becoming more of an open-person with problems that mean a lot to me.

Anyways, I have a major announcement that has me over the moon! The past 3 weeks, I have been suffering from one infection to another. I had to deal with 2 infections one at the other. The first infection was a major bacterial infection that landed me in the ER (but luckily, not the hospital) and the second landed me on a bland diet. But when I was weighed in the ER for my bacterial, I took notice of my current weight and my weight from January of last year.

Guess what?? I had lost 30 pounds since January of 2013! Yes, 30 pounds! Even when I was sick with the flu in July or even had my bacterial infection, I still tried to run a total of 10-20 minutes each day, drink plenty of water, and watch my portions. My favorite pants are even bigger and longer, which means I have to eventually learn to hem so I won't be constantly stepping on them. The kicker? I am much healthier (minus my immune system) and have a lot more energy.

It is still a constant battle, especially since I love sugar, but I know that I can lose more if I keep the motivation. Knowing that I have a support system, even if it's my friends on Facebook or my readers, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Maybe I can lose more before my 30th in December! Who's with me?

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