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How We Saved $100 in Groceries!

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Twin and I are always looking for ways to save a little money on groceries, so that our family doesn't have to spend a lot out of pocket for food. Luckily, we were able to save at least $100 (if not a little more) this past month!

How did we do it?

Twin has now developed the need to coupon. I'm not sure how she decided to start using coupons, but she has and she has saved us a lot of money! In fact, she saved me quite a bit on a recent shopping trip. Since I had a $50 Walmart gift card I wanted to use for groceries, I looked through the Walmart sales ad online to find deals that were worth getting, instead of getting the usual stuff my family gets. I wanted to buy groceries that were filling but would last a little longer.

At our local Walmart, they had Miracle Whip on sale for about $3. She had a $0.75 off coupon, making it less than $2.50. She also had a coupon for Glade Air Freshener Fall Collection. Normally, the sprays are $3 each. The coupon was for $2 off when you buy 3. Since I already had my eye on their Pumpkin Pie spray (which smells delicious), I decided to buy 2 more. If I had bought them at regular price, it would have cost me $9, but with the coupon, I only had to pay $7, which might seem like a lot but that extra $2 allowed me to purchase Ramen Noodles I really wanted. (By the way, Ramen Noodles are less than $2 for a 12-pack at Walmart.)

Even Twin spent $50 at Walmart's website, and bought a lot! If you count individual items (including that Lay's Variety pack, she got over 20 items for less than $50, plus FREE shipping! We even have 2 cookie mixes we have yet to use. Gingerbread cookies, here I come! 

Saving money at the grocery store doesn't mean you have to use tons of coupons or only buy the cheapest things there. It is all about figuring which store has the best deals per product and how to get more bang for your buck.

What was the best deal you scored at the supermarket?

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