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When life gave us lemons...

It seems as life is testing us. Life keeps handing us lemons, and we're out of sugar, or vodka. Well, technically, I think there is still some sugar in a cupboard somewhere. Don't quote me on that, though. LOL Anyways, when life would give us lemons, I was always determined that I would turn those lemons into lemonade and make the best of the situation.

I am generally a strong person, carrying anyone and everyone who needed a sign of strength. Despite that, a recent event brought down my defenses and I became depressed. I didn't want to eat. I couldn't concentrate. Pinterest, which was something I had become somewhat addicted to, seemed uninteresting. I would try to play Super Mario Brothers on RetroUprising to see if it would distract me, but the distraction didn't work. Even listening to Journey, my go-to music for happiness, just seemed even more depressing. (Except for that song that Family Guy ruined and I can't listen to it without giggling.).

What did I do? I cried. I cried all the tears I had been holding in for so long. I don't cry often anymore, so everything that deserved a tear got it. I cried for our situation. I cried for my aunt, who is battling cancer. I cried because I had been so strong for too long. I cried as long as I needed to, and whenever the tears were starting to brim, I would let them fall.

Why would I cry when I was already depressed? Those tears represented the tears that should have fallen before, and I was able to think about each thing that was adding to my depression. I wasn't depressed for long, mind you, but once those problem-tears dropped from my eyes, I could feel my depression weaken a little.

If you ever feel like crying, even if it's just at a sappy part in the movie, cry. Bawl your eyes out, if you have to. Those tears may represent something else, but no one has to know. Just let those tears fall.

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