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Blogging How-To: Get the Most Out of Pinterest!

I don't know about you, but I spend quite a bit of time on Pinterest. Sometimes I look for crafts I want to eventually create, but I am sometimes looking for blogging tips and tricks I haven't heard of yet. But either way, Pinterest brings me a lot of traffic to my blog for one reason: I create pinnable pictures for my blog posts.

So why is it important that almost every post be Pinterest-worthy? Let's say that someone sees a post they want to pin to Pinterest. If you don't have an image for the post, they most likely won't pin it because then the description of the pin won't make sense or correlate to the picture. In an instant, you have lost potential traffic because unless someone searches specifically for your blog or post topic, no one else (aside from followers) will see your post! We don't want that, now do we?

So step 1 in getting the most out of Pinterest is creating a pinnable image for each post, if possible. Here are a few things you shouldn't do:
  • Avoid creating special images for coupons and deals. Once the deal is over, the post is pretty much over with.
  • Avoid using someone else's images, unless it is for a roundup. If you do use images for a roundup, be sure to give credit. To find images you can use on your blog, visit Slap Dash Mom's blog post on finding free images you can use (as long as a credit is used.)
  • Don't just use any picture for the sake of having one. Make sure it is related to your topic.
Step 2 in creating a Pinterest-worthy image making it look professional and like it belongs on Pinterest. I use PicMonkey and GIMP when I create my images. Use overlays and different fonts to make the image pop. One way to use font is to use a fancy font with a normal font. You can also use tall fonts with short fonts. Use the tall fonts to make the initial statement and the shorter fonts to finish the statement. Same way with the normal and fancy fonts.

Now you have created your fun image and have posted it to your blog, and now we tackle your actual Pinterest account!

A great way to get the most out of Pinterest is signing up for a business account. It is 100% free and it allows you to use their analytics section, so you can see which pins are wins and which pins are flops. Unless you use Chrome or already have it installed on your blog, you can add a Pin It button to your blog so that people can just click on Pin It and they don't have to find a way to pin your blog post.
recipe boards

One major thing to keep followers coming is organizing your boards. As you can see from my boards, I have created board covers with a description of each board. You can create your covers or you don't even have to have one! It was just easier for me and it allows me to organize things a little easier. Speaking of organizing, use a system that makes sense for you. I have my giveaways board first, and then work my ways down the miscellaneous sections like funny pictures and places I want to visit. Group similar boards together like recipes and holidays. Make sure the holidays are in order, so followers are not scrambling to find Easter.

Oh yeah, and one more thing: pin, follow, pin! For every few pins you, er, repin, follow a few of the people you pin from. If they like your pins, they'll follow you as well. Be sure that when you repin that the link actually goes to the recipe/craft/etc. If it just goes to an image or a website that is no way related to the pin, don't repin it.

Pinterest can be your best friend- don't make it your enemy!

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