Jan 26, 2014

What color would you choose?

It is almost Springtime and that means warmer temperatures, at least for us Texans. For me, it also means I have a chance to decorate the master bedroom! It really doesn't have a theme or color scheme. (Yes, I rhymed. I can't help it sometimes!). So I am really excited about the transformation the bedroom can take!

But before I start buying gallons of paint and new curtains, I want your opinion! Which of the four color schemes do you like?

1. Flora Hues

2. Flora Brights

3. Glass Hues

4. Color Wrapped

I am partial to #2 (Flora Brights) myself and the family seems to agree. Which color palette would you choose?


  1. The brights all the way! love a pretty bold color!

  2. I love all of the colors but Floral hues would be my choice.


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