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Earn with Screenwise!

The Screenwise Trends Panel is an important market research program for Google. It is therefore important to us to reward our panelists as a thank-you for their contribution to Screenwise Trends. Check out the selection of brands and retailers where you can redeem Screenwise Trends Panel vouchers.

Panelists will be rewarded in three ways:

> A reward comes when you complete the Register → Install → Activate process to become a panelist.

> As a panelist, you will be eligible for loyalty incentives.

> As a panelist, you will also have the opportunity to answer regular surveys on a range of topics. You will of course be rewarded for completing any future surveys.

Requirements to participate: Age 13+. Chrome must be user’s default browser or must be willing to install- as add-on tracks behavior on chrome only. User must have a Google account or be willing to create one (@gmail or Google account via another email).

I am a member of Screenwise and I have earned cash just for using Google Chrome! All you have to do is sign up with your Google account, install an add-on extension, and use Chrome like you normally would. I usually earn between $1-$2 a week.

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