Dec 21, 2013

Last Minute Gift Ideas (Mega List)

You're checking people off your gift list and you realize you forgot someone! Your low on cash but they need a gift. I have done that so many times, I started keeping a running list of last minute gift ideas. The list has grown so large, all I need to do is look up who it is for and I am off to the store. So, I decided to share my list with you in case you are in need of a last minute gift idea.

Favorite wine
Hickory Farms Gift Set (They sell those at Walmart!)
Gift card to favorite restaurant
Coffee gift set
Homemade treats
Offer to cook dinner one night

Favorite perfume/cologne
Magazine subscription

Kitchen items
Beauty items for women
Texting gloves
Homemade gift
Accessories (like handbags, scarves, hats, etc.)
Lottery Scratch-Offs
Gag gift (My cousin got an umbrella hat one year. :smile:)
Book from from favorite author
iPhone/tablet case
Donation to a charity made in their name (Make sure they believe in the same cause. Yikes!)
Offer to babysit or even house-sit
Fishing rod for men
Sports equipment
Golf equipment
Power tools (What man, or even woman, wouldn't want a new drill? I love a good power tool!)
Regular tools
Garden/lawn care
Flower arrangement

CHILDREN (Ages 1-12)
DVD of favorite movie or show
RC toys
Games & puzzles
Disney toys
Monster High
Sesame Street toys
Fisher Price toys (for younger than 3)
VTECH toys
Little Tikes toys
Musical instruments made for children
Video games
Coloring book w/ Crayons
Stuffed animal
Action figures

Game console
Video games
Gift card
Free movie rental
Magazine subscription
Movie tickets
Clothes (Make sure you know their style! Nothing like getting a polyester sweater from your Grandmother.)
Favorite sports team memorabilia
iPhone/tablet case

Candle set
Coffee set
$10-$20 gift card
Lottery Scratch-Offs
Handmade gifts/treats
Gift basket
Candy wrapped in a creative way

As you can see, it is a pretty big list! And since I don't have my list right next to me, I am sure I forgot a thing or two. What are some of your go-to last minute gifts?

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