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Christmas Gift Mistake- OOPS!

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As I was making out Christmas gift lists in November, I did NOT take into account size. I can't say what I got everyone (since some of my family reads my blog. I feel so loved!), but all I can say is that is seems to be a "big box Christmas" year. As I was wrapping Mom's gift, I did't realize until I was done that the box used 2 newspapers and almost a whole roll of tape to finish the job.

Then when I tried to slide the box towards the tree, which was less than 2 feet away, I saw that the box wouldn't fit under the tree. I had to lift some branches up, catching the attention of my 10-year-old cat, Smokie, who wanted to bat at tinsel as it rained down on her.

It finally fit, but as I looked around the base of our beautiful tree, I saw that there was hardly any room for any other presents! Twin noticed this as well and we had a conversation that was full of ideas but no solutions:

Me: I don't think there is room for Dad's rod-and-reel.
Twin: I could always just take it out of the box and set it up.
Me: He'll see it.
Twin: Move the tree out, then.
Me: If it falls over, are you going to help re-decorate it? Oh, and where should I put these?
Twin: I'll just wait to set it up Christmas Eve. You can put those in the back.
Me: There won't be anymore room.
Twin: Crap.

As you can tell, I didn't move the tree up and no, there isn't anymore room for any more gifts. While I am happy with the gift I got Mom, I think I will keep box sizes in mind next time!

What was your most interesting Holiday blunder?

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