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Why I'm More Thankful This Year

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When Thanksgiving rolls around each year, I do take the time to truly count my blessings. Everyone is healthy-ish. We have some food in our bellies and we have a roof over our heads. Our pets are happy and healthy (if not a little crazy).

But this year, I am more thankful than I expected. We know 2013 started off with what should have been an omen- I was hospitalized for a week with a staph infection and the flu the first few days of January. The next few months fly by without incident, until March (or was it April) finally shows up. Due to the economy, my father lost his job and it was our only source of income. So that meant until he could find another job, we would have no money for food, bills, and gas in the car. Some people gave us a little money, which helped us buy some food. We went to the local food banks to see what we could get. There were some nights we went to bed hungry, because we had to save what little food we did have. But we grew closer as a family as we tried desperately to find a solution to the problem.

Dad finally did finally find a job that he enjoyed (and still does) and things have gotten much better. We still might be having car problems (and no one seems to know what the problem is) but our dinosaur minivan still runs. Some of us might not be 100% healthy, but we're all alive and happy. We are able to stay warm at night and no rumbling tummies. I am grateful for my family and my life. If we hadn't grown closer this year and worked together, who knows what would've happened.

I am even thankful for you- my readers. Reading comments and e-mails saying that I have helped your lives means a great deal to me. I may not be changing lives, but even helping one person means I must be doing something right. Thank you for allowing me to come into your lives and share my life with you.

Even if you are having a rough time this year, try and to find at least one thing you are thankful this year. I promise that you will feel happier.

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