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Let's face it- we are now in an era where we find deals mostly online and through mobile apps. While I personally can't shop through mobile apps because I don't have one of those phones, I do like to find deals online. But to be honest, I sometimes do not feel like going to every store website to look at their ads or reading every shred of e-mail, looking for a deal I want. A lot of the time, the nationwide deals vary from store to store or region to region. Bummer, right?
Find your zip code! City blocked out for safety.
Retale is the best place to get weekly deals from stores in your area! All you have to do is type in your zip code to find weekly deals and sales ads depending on your zip code (since deals could possibly vary). Once you find the zip code you need, press enter and you will be shown new weekly ads for stores in that area. This is especially helpful in really big cities.
Target stores in Dallas
Another great tool Retale has is a search option. Okay, so you know what stores are in your area but you don't see the weekly add. Just search by store name or even what kind of store it is and you can find weekly deals that way. Since I live in a medium-sized town where almost every store is within a 15 minute drive (depending on where you live), I decided to try searching for a store in a bigger city like Dallas. I searched for Target and not only was I able to see the weekly ad, I was even able to see where all the Target stores in the city (not including suburbs) were located and if they were open. No weekly store ad available at that moment? You can submit your e-mail to receive an alert when a store ad does become available.

So now you know you can find store ads on Did you know they also offer mobile apps for those weekly ads? You can browse weekly store ads, search for stores and deals, get coupons, and receive alerts for weekly ads and products you choose. The apps are available for iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices. If I ever get one of those, it might become one of my favorite apps!

Since Christmas is only 6 weeks away (Yikes!), Retale can definitely help you shop smarter by finding deals in your area! With that being said, how many of you have started your Holiday shopping?

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