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Thoughts for Friday: Letting Go

I know this Thoughts for Thursday Friday is a day late. I was super busy and not feeling well so I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day. But I did spend a lot of my Thursday thinking of what to talk about. But then a current situation automatically came to mind and I thought it would be perfect!

Letting go is hard. Whether you're waiting for someone to make a decision to accept you in their lives (as is my current situation), or letting go of all your worry. When it comes to love, letting go is one of the hardest things to do. You still care for the person, but you can't wait around forever. You deserve happiness. Someone I care for acted like he wanted to be with me. So I told him how I felt and waited for him to give me an answer. He started distancing himself from me, so I decided that it was pretty much my answer and let go of what could have been. I'm not saying it doesn't hurt, but I needed to let go of any sad emotions in order for me to be happy.

When it comes to stress, worry, or anxiety, that can be just as hard. The minute you think of letting go of your stress/worries/anxiety, you start worrying over whether you made the right choice. Or you think of something else that needs to be stressed over. We've all been there. I won't tell you not to worry, because I would do the same thing. I can only tell you to let go for just a second. How did that feel? Scary, right? Let go for another second. Much better? One minute of every day, just take time to let go of any stress you might be feeling and you'll notice your body relax. You're then able to continue on your day more aware of maybe just a little bit happier.

What do you feel you need to let go of?

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