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Nail Art: Gold & Red Ribbon for Beginners

Excuse my crappy nail polish. I kinda stink at applying it. LOL

I am in no way an expert at painting my nails. I am lucky if I can go the whole day without ruining them. As you can see, I even have trouble keeping the polish on my nails and not on my fingers. In fact, I mostly just paint them one color and maybe add some clear glitter to them. But the other day, I was tired of my purple nails so I decided to try something with gold and red, since I like the way it looks.

Here is what I used:
Milani- Tricky Treat (No longer carried by Milani but you can find it on Amazon or maybe eBay)
New England Patriots red (It came in a twin-pack with a Patriots blue I bought on Amazon)
Scotch tape

Here's what I did:
1. You can put a base coat on the bottom. I didn't have any, so I didn't. If you do put on a base coat, let that completely dry. Then put on 2 coats of the Tricky Treat and then let it dry completely. It cannot be wet in any way.
2. Tear a strip of scotch tape in half and put the straight edges on your nail going from one edge to the other, leaving a gap between the edges. Like this: \ \ Paint the gap with the red. I did it about twice since the red is a little thin.
3. Take the tape off and touch up and spots you missed. If you accidentally get any under the tape, you can either redo the whole nail or just leave it. I left it.
4. Do all your other nails on that same hand in the same direction as you did the first finger.

For the second hand, repeat the same steps but have the stripes going in the opposite direction. You can top if off with a top coat, but since I'm out of that as well, I didn't bother. I think I'll pick up a base and top coat next time I head out to buy more polish.

It's really easy, that even a beginner (like me) can do and from far away, it sort of looks like a red ribbon!

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