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Starting my days WITHOUT caffeine!

For the past few days, I have had a hard time getting my mornings going. After waking up and eating breakfast, I would grab a cold Dr Pepper and head back to my workstation so I can get to work. But ever since Mom and Twin mentioned they were getting off soda and caffeine, I decided I should do the same. I was becoming too dependent on the caffeine from the soda to get me going, since I don't like the taste of coffee.

Today has been the 2nd day without my morning Dr Pepper, and it has been a rough 2 days. Even after breakfast, I still feel myself wanting to go back to bed. Taking cold showers didn't help, it just made me feel more clean. LOL

So why exactly did I make the decision to stop drinking that deliciousness known as soda? The last time I went a significant time without soda was a month, especially after being released from the hospital back in January of a staph infection. For some reason, they wouldn't let me have soda for all 5 days, so all I drank were unsweet tea, milk with breakfast, and tons of ice water. After coming home, I didn't have soda because I feared it would react with my antibiotics so I stayed off soda for about a month. But after I could go back to my normal diet, I tried soda and I fell off the bandwagon.

But lately, I started thinking about the weight I actually lost when I wasn't drinking soda. I had a lot more energy, without the sluggish feeling. And since I want to get back into the shape I was and the energy I had, I decided that I was no longer going to drink sodas... Even if the temptation seems too great at time. I almost had one with dinner but saw tea in the fridge and decided to go with tea.

Now if only I could break my love of tea. I don't think I ever will. LOL I mean, c'mon, I live in Texas. We love our tea sweet!

What is the hardest thing you've had to give up?

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  1. How right you are! I love my tea sweet; wouldn't have it any other way (and I'm not even from the south). I commend you on trying to break from the Dr. Pepper. I used to have a sort of addiction to diet Coke. I don't drink much soda/pop these days (only if it's a social gathering or I'm out, which is not often), but I remember how hard it was when I kicked that habit after leaving college. The panging crave for caffeine was really hard to get over. Unfortunately, I fell off that wagon when I was living at home a year later, but what helped me this last time to quit for good was going through post-operation guidelines after a long stay at the hospital (just like you) and I just got used to the fact that I couldn't drink any soda/pop after several months being on a strict diet. I wish you luck on the endeavor! Just take it slow and you'll be off it not before long.


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