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Blogging 201: What your stats really mean!

When it comes to reviews, giveaways, and different opportunities, stats are a big thing. They aren't exactly everything, but companies want to make sure that their name is getting out there to as many as people as possible. Companies have different requirements, but don't think that just because your numbers are low that no one will work with you.

Many companies ask how many visitors your blog has in a month. If you use Blogger, do NOT trust the Stats page. Most of these stats come from spam sites and even your own views. Use Google Analytics as it is more reliable and accurate. The difference between unique visitors and average blog views is that unique
means how many different people visited your blog in a month and your average blog views is how many people total viewed your blog.

Some companies will ask for Klout and Klout is your influence on Twitter. If you drive enough engagement on Twitter in a certain category, you are essentially recognized for being influential in it. In many cases, brands and companies will work with bloggers who are influential in the company's area.

Having many newsletter subscribers is also a big thing because even if the readers don't visit your blog often, companies work with bloggers who have a large number of subscribers because their company will seen by subscribers.

Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ seem to be ignored by some companies. But also having a large number of followers on these social media sites is a great thing because all they have to do is search for the company's name, and your post will show up!

Numbers aren't only important for companies who want to work with you. Numbers are important for your blog because you are able to reach beyond your subscribers and fan page likes. If even 10 people like your blog post on kid-friendly activities, more than likely they will share your post and you are able to gain many more readers.

As you can see, stats are important, but for many different reasons!

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Where has your biggest struggle on getting and keeping fans?

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