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Blogging 201: Getting those review and giveaway opportunities!

If you've decided to become a review and giveaway blog, then you know about the amazing reviews and giveaways that could be in store for your blog! But it doesn't happen automatically. You still have to do some work.
PR Groups
There are a lot of PR and opportunity groups that you can join. In some cases, they will actually send you opportunity information and you just reply that you want to join. Blog Friendly PR is the premiere spot for bloggers and companies to come together. Mom Central is another great community with several opportunities available to its members throughout the year. I can't give away all my secrets, but doing some quick research can help you find some PR and opportunity groups that you might want to join!
Companies & Brands
Some bloggers have well-known brands and companies contact them to see if the blogger would like to work with the company/brand. But a lot of the times, bloggers contact them instead. It can be scary and you might feel inadequate next to these large bloggers. But don't sell yourself short! With the perfected pitch letter and a bit of confidence, you never know- they might jump at the chance to work with you! The idea is to search for the companies marketing or PR contact. You'll avoid that awkward "We'll forward this to our PR department" and never hear from them again. We'll cover pitch letters later in the series.

Blog-wide Events
Another great way to get awesome review and giveaway opportunities is to start a blog-wide event or giveaway. It could be as simple as a linky and have many bloggers sign up (but they have to supply their own prizes). You could also have a blog-wide giveaway where you secure a major prize (at least $100 or more) and many bloggers sign up for a small fee or free with an announcement. Most of the time, I have come across blog-wide giveaways where it was free with an announcement and one free entry. Many Facebook groups catering to blogs have these opportunities available, and you can see some announcements here on Edge of Insanity!

Believe it or not, I sometimes just get e-mails out of the blue from companies and PR reps who want to work with me! So don't be surprised if it happens to you. These PR reps and companies come across thousands of blogs a day, and if they are willing to work with you, then you must be doing something right! 

Getting to do great opportunities is definitely a perk of being a review/giveaway blog, but remember: Don't sell yourself short! While there is always room for improvement, your blog is better than you think!

Next on our Blogging 201 series: Perfect pitch letters!

What was your favorite review item? If you haven't reviewed anything yet, what would you like to review?

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