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Crafting- Your Style!

This past week, I voiced the fact to my family that I was going to start crafting. Mom said, "That's great! What do you want to do first?". I had no clue, so I went running to Pinterest, pinning Holiday crafts I always wanted to do. But it's nowhere near the Holidays so I thought "Why not make something with Twin?".

I won't tell you what it is since it's a secret project, but when I asked if we could put glitter on it, she said no. I love shimmer and glitter is the epitome of shimmer. And since this is something that will ultimately be for her, I decided that we could craft her style, since I have no clue how to make something like what we're making.

But don't think it has put a damper in my style! I will eventually make something closer to Halloween that will have plenty of glitter!

So if you're a crafter or want to start crafting, don't feel like that you have to follow the directions to a "T". Crafting is all about your style, and what YOU feel like it needs. So how do you find your crafting style?
  • Figure out what your personal tastes are. Not everyone likes shimmer or fluffy things, so try crafting something that fits your taste.
  • Don't feel that you have to put glitter on everything. You can pretty much use color sand and if your craft store doesn't have it, online stores should carry them or you can buy several of those children sand kits and use the sand from that.
  • What do you like to look at on Pinterest as far as crafts go? Pretty wreaths or unique pins? I like a little of both, so I consider myself eclectic. And there is nothing wrong with have eclectic tastes!
I'm not saying that you have to have a crafting style. Craft what you love and want to do. Just remember that you don't have to make it exactly like that instructions. Make it your own!

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