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#WordlessWednesday: Bees on Bluebonnets!

One Friday afternoon, after a trip to the library, we decided to head out of town to see what the Bluebonnets look like away from the city. On that Friday afternoon, we even went into a different county but saw nothing but barren ranch lands and a few horses.

So the following day, after a rough day, we decided to head into the other direction in search of the Bluebonnets. Low and behold, the highway was lined with them! And not only Bluebonnets, but also some yellow flowers that covered a lot of fields. When we saw this patch of Bluebonnets, we stopped so I could get my annual Bluebonnet picture. If you notice on the top Bluebonnet, there's actually a bee that I didn't notice until I bent down to take a picture of the Bluebonnet the bee was on. Needless to say, I didn't get a picture of that particular Bluebonnet.

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